Have water damage? RCS is here to help!

Structural drying has evolved to a science of equipment use and psychrometrics (the study of humidity and moisture). With principles and techniques garnered through hands-on certification by the American Drying Institute, RCS Restorations personnel are qualified to handle all phases of water extraction and structural drying; as well as potential toxins such as mold and bacteria.

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The Keys to Structure Drying are:

1: Customer Relations

Explain the drying process and explain and receive work authorization.

2: Physical Extraction

Remove the easy water.

3: Meters

Prove where structure is wet; prove it is set up to dry; prove structure is dry.

4: Drying Chamber

Isolate only the area that is wet; use right amount of equipment for area.

5: Class/Category of water

Amount of moisture after easy water; clean, grey or black water.

6: Dehumidification

Remove moisture in air.

7: HEPA/Air Scrubbers

Removes 99.97% of particulate air.

8: Air Movers

Removes moisture from materials and enhances dehumidification.

9: Moisture Mapping

Diagram showing water in structure and equipment placement.

10: Psychrometrics

Ability to map and prove the drying process.

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