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Nobody cleans better than RCS Restorations, Inc.

RCS Restorations, Inc. is a full service company providing air duct cleaning, certified mold inspection and certified mold remediation services, all with a strong emphasis on superior quality, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. We provide the services you need to maintain a comfortable living environment, day in and day out.
Our success has resulted from providing our customers with professionally trained technicians
who understand the importance of earning your satisfaction every day.
All of our Technicians are highly trained in these fields and use only
state of the art equipment

• Minimum 5 Years Commercial/Residential Experience per Site

• RCS Personnel are trained and equipped to handle all levels of mold and fungi remediation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Tech• RCS maintains sufficient equipment, such as air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, negative air machines, containment systems, and the required protective equipment.

Services include:

1. Pre-purchase inspection for real estate transactions. Indoor air quality testing, (IAQ) Mold remediation — mold removal, cleaning and inspection.
2. Duct Cleaning
3. Allergen screening for dust mites, pollen, pet dander, etc.
4. Moisture intrusion detection
5. Preventative mold treatments
6. Household moisture assessment
7. Antimicrobial treatments — attic and crawlspace
8. Real Estate Clearance Testing

24 Hour turnaround available!


At the outset, you should understand some key points

1. As a real estate professional, you dont need to become an expert on mold.

2. Large legal settlements dont change what youre responsible for disclosing.

3. Some basic and simple strategies can equip you to address this important issue.

4. Become aware of the licensed experts in your area who are prepared to inspect for mold, and know when to advise (in writing) that potential buyers hire one of those experts.

5. The National Association of REALTORS® recommends that any information discovered through such an inspection be reported to the prospective buyer/lessee.

6. A good realtor needs to be able to protect his or her own firm from liability by advising their clients

7. There are industry standards and scientific methods available to address a mold concern and provide solutions acceptable to all parties involved in the real estate transaction.



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